We’re committed to providing high quality personal tax return preparation services. Our experienced tax professionals are fast, accurate, and can help you keep more of what you make.

Canadian tax rules are ever-changing and it takes a skilled professional to stay proficient in the latest laws. Though it may seem like it is simple enough to do taxes on your own, the consequences of making a mistake – or missing out on a refund – are not worth it.

Avoid the painful costs of filing your personal tax returns incorrectly.

Avoid the painful costs of filing your personal tax returns incorrectly.

Whether your needs are simple or complex, having an expert work on your tax filing can help you identify any refunds that apply to you, reduce your tax burden and keep you on good terms with CRA.

If you’re self-employed and dealing with business income and deductions, it can be extremely complicated. Or, if you’ve sold property in the past year and are unsure about your eligibility for a capital gains exemption. In late January, CRA announced that they will be specifically targeting those who are self employed, have rental properties or are claiming employment expense for a full audit. These are in addition to the pre and post assessment mini audits they conduct.

We make tax return planning and preparation easy. We use a creative and organized approach to preparing tax returns for our clients while determining the minimum legally available income tax liability. Our goal is to save you money by reducing your tax burden and helping you benefit from every tax credit you’re eligible for based on your situation.

Aciris uses a personal approach when working with each client, so you can be confident that we are only a phone call, email or fax away. Our clients have the advantage of communicating with us directly, and we’re proud to offer this level of service to you.

Aciris can help you prepare your personal tax return correctly.

Simplifying the Personal Tax Return Preparation Process

Regardless of whether you’re a student, working, self-employed, or retired, taxes are a necessary (often overwhelming) part of life.

Trying to complete your return on your own can be time-consuming, not to mention confusing. But at Aciris, we seek to simplify the entire preparation process.

On-Site Professionals Dedicated to Your Needs

When you partner with Aciris for your personal tax needs, you get more than just an anonymous service that handles your taxes. Instead, you receive access to on-site professionals that are here for you no matter when you need them.

By utilizing our expertise, you can make the preparation process as simple and painless as possible, all while securing a maximum refund.

The best part is that we aren’t only available during tax time; we’re available year-round to assist with anything you may need. This makes it simpler to answer your most pressing questions, plan for your taxes, or combat CRA tax audits.

Services for a Broad Range of Individuals and Needs

At Aciris, we understand that personal tax returns will differ greatly depending upon your age, financial situation, and other unique qualities. Through our experience, we cater to a broad range of individuals and needs, including:

  • Investments
  • CRA Audits
  • Back Tax Filing
  • Medical Expenses
  • Employment Expenses
  • Disability Certificate
  • Final Returns
  • RRSP Planning
  • Moving Expenses

Our personal tax specialists are available to help out. Our team includes CPAs with over 20 years of tax preparation experience. Fill out the form for a free 30-minute consultation. There’s no obligation and your information is 100% confidential.

Every year, thousands of Canadians get penalized for incorrectly filing their Personal Tax Returns. Don’t be one of them.

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